Blingsting: Dallas CEO Demonstrates Stylish Safety Gear

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DALLAS — Folks round here love bling the size of Texas, but this bling might help save your life. It’s the brainchild of Dallas entrepreneur Andi Atteberry.

“It was really by accident. My dad kept bringing home pepper spray for my mom and I. He would always bring us that pepper spray in the black leather container, and I just thought, ‘These companies are missing the mark.' If you want a girl to be excited about her personal safety and engaged in it, then it should be cute and sparkly like everything else we buy,” Atteberry explained.  “So, he thought of the name Blingsting one night.”

And with a number of attacks, like the one surveillance video captured at the Galleria parking garage, Blingsting might be right on target.

“If you’re walking to your car in a dark parking lot like this, you just want to make sure your thumb is on the trigger, you have a really good grip on the pepper spray, and if someone were to come at you, when they get about 8-10 feet from you, that’s really when you’d want to fire,” Atteberry demonstrated. “Put your free hand out and yell something like, 'Stop!' And then shoot with your other hand, and then move away. And this actually entices them to move towards you and then they’ll be hit by the pepper spray.”

This stuff is so cute, it hurts!

“We have ‘Trophy Wife’ which is our silver color, ‘Total Beach,’” Atteberry said, holding the various products.  “It’s also made to clip onto a bag, so if you actually needed to get it, it wouldn’t be rolling around in a big purse.”

And it’s not just pepper spray.  There’s an emergency escape glammer and a personal "Ahh!-larm."

“If you’re in a threatening situation, you push the button and it attracts attention," she added. "We really made this for younger girls who wouldn’t necessarily be able to carry pepper spray."