7th Inning Choke: Rangers Season Ends with Game 5

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Rangers season is over :-(

Rangers season is over :-(

TORONTO — Champagne showers flooded Rogers Centre in Toronto. Unfortunately, it’s not the ending Rangers fans were hoping for. The Toronto Blue Jays are the ALDS champs.

But it didn’t come without its share of drama — a lot of drama!

“The public address announcer has asked fans to refrain from throwing objects onto the field. Now they’re throwing more,” the announcer said. “Some of these bottles are coming from the upper deck.”

Yeah, the 7th-inning ended up taking nearly an hour to complete.

Boy did the Rangers take us on a postseason roller coaster with consecutive wins in Toronto and consecutive loses at home. It all came down to this. You can call it the Go Big or Go Home game.

The Blue Jaus will now take on either the Houston Astros or the Kansas City Royals for the coveted ALCS title.

Rangers faithfuls might not feel like it now, but the future is looking bright with this squad. They’ll be back before you know it!