4,000 Baristas Going to College on Starbuck’s Dime

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SEATTLE -- Hey, no one ever said the life of a barista is easy, but putting in those long hours grinding coffee beans can all be worth it. Over 4,000 baristas are reportedly cashing in their "star-bucks" after the coffee company teamed up with Arizona State University's online program.

Starbucks has now agreed to let full-time and part- time employees who want a degree take them up on the sweet offer.

Average tuition at ASU is about $15,000 a year. The university covers about 42% and Starbucks picks up the rest of the bill! The goal is to spend at least $250 million to help 25,000 of their employees graduate college by 2025.

But serving a grande at Starbucks isn't the only way you can graduate college without debt. How about working at the Moon-lite Bunny Ranch in Nevada? Well, brothel owner Dennis Hof has created a two-month program where he's agreed to match his prostitutes student loan payments.

One bunny claims working at the ranch has helped her and other sex workers pay off student loans worth over $30,000 big ones.