Simon Says: Don’t Want Inside Info? That’s a Fantasy!

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DALLAS -- The story of the Draftkings employee who allegedly used inside info and won $350,000 at rival site Fanduel has shaken the billion dollar world of fantasy sports.

Well, if you're one of those people disgusted by this episode and wants to take the Draftkings guy outside for being too inside, you sound like this guy:

Don't be shocked because we all want an edge. We live in a society where it seems more people are trying to get in than out.

Admit it: When you heard about the Draftkings scandal, didn't some of you which you could have that info?

It seems we're on the outside looking in at the stock market. A study by NYU says one in four trades are done by people like the one in the Casablanca clip.

But what about the smart guys who get an edge outsmarting the system, getting inside with trades by the millisecond? Don't you wish you'd thought of it?

Or what about the guys who get an inside look while others look away? We make movies about them (it'll be out Christmas).

Deep down inside, so many of us want to be 'in' and if you think otherwise, you're living a fantasy.

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