Texas Rangers Shirts With Dallas Skyline Discontinued

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ARLINGTON, Texas -- Everybody in the Metroplex gave a collective sigh of relief when the Rangers were finally able to close out the division Sunday. But hey, more division titles, more problems.

It turns out, the t-shirts the team wore during the locker room celebration are the problem. It’s all because the official division championship shirt includes a backdrop of the Dallas skyline.

The shirt caused immediate backlash from fans who don't hail from Dallas. But unlike the Mavs' alternate jersey unveiling last year, at least the skyline included Reunion Tower.

The Rangers responded by refusing to re-stock the Dallas-themed shirts and claimed they hadn't seen the shirts until they came out of the box. The design is by Major League Baseball who created a series of skyline featured gear for this year's postseason teams, but they were apparently oblivious to regional pride within DFW.

The MLB website has now stopped shipping the Dallas skyline gear.

The backlash was generated by the fact that the Rangers have been headquartered in Arlington since arriving in Texas in 1972, which makes the Dallas inclusion seem out of left field. The club is planning on offering other shirts sans skylines.

But regardless of the shirt, just be happy our Rangers are making another run for the World Series title.

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