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Your Move: New Dating App Has Women Making the First Move

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NORTH TEXAS-Hey ladies, we know finding 'the one' can be hard. How many frogs do we have to kiss to get to our Prince Charming?

In the age of dating apps, sometimes the selection pool is, well, challenged.

But after one of the co-founders of Tinder broke up with the company over sexual harassment issues, Whitney Wolfe decided to put dating in the hands of women.

With the Bumble app!

You still swipe left and right like you would on Tinder, but once your find a potential suitor, it’s up to the ladies to initiate a convo.

Hopefully ending the days of bad pick-up lines that lead to the birds and the bees.

But there is a catch: Women only have 24 hours to make the first move; if not, a match disappears, kind of like the actual bee population!

So if this is the feminist version of Tinder, then are women expected to  ask the guy out and go Dutch on the first date?

Well, looks like it depends on the woman and her feminist date.

Only challenge is coming up with a good pick up line to catch your match's attention.

So if you choose to Bumble, remember to bee yourself! After all, you might just find your honey!

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