Chew On This: 20 Feet Seafood Joint

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DALLAS -- It's not every day you can find high-quality seafood in a laid back atmosphere. That is, until you check out 20 Feet Seafood Joint in East Dallas.

Now, most folks think they know the meaning behind the name "20 Feet."

"Sometimes, I'll be listening and people in line will be saying 'Oh that's the depth that oysters are harvested at,'" owner Suzan Fries said.

But the catch is -- it's really all about family. This joint is run by Chef Marc Cassel and his wife, Suzan.

"He had the idea of counting up everyone's feet in the household," Suzan explained. "So, at the time we had four dogs and Marc and I."

Twenty feet! Ha! Pretty clever.

If the name isn't enough to bait you, the fresh fish will.

"We get our seafood flown in several times a week from Boston, so the quality is crazy good," Cassel said.

From starters like the Clam Chowda -- not to be confused with chowder -- to the fish and chips, fresh cod and garlic, rosemary, and thyme fries.

And you can't leave out the killer lobster rolls.

Chew On This, 20 Feet Seafood Joint is one of the only spots in the Metroplex shelling out these Ipswich Clams.

"In New England, they're called steamers or piss clams , which is what they're really called. I'm not making that up. We bread them in bread crumbs and deep fry them."

Now, if you're not big on seafood, the pork belly ramen is a must. And the pies are for everyone!

Some of the other perks at this joint? The outdoor air-conditioned seating. Yep, another must here in Dallas. And the fact that it's BYOB isn't too shabby either.

Hey, from the looks of things, it's safe to say 20 Feet Seafood Joint will have you hooked!

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