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Simon Says: Get Along With Co-Workers, You’ll Live Longer

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DALLAS -- Look at 'em. Is it just me? When President Obama and Vladimir Putin shook hands, I shivered! That's one cold photo-op. Obama and Putin at the UN could have meant "UN-friendly."

Between what's going on in Syria -- and other issues -- you can read their minds.

Putin: I must break you.

And Obama!

Why are we surprised by this? Because let's face it, it's this kind of attitude -- mistrust, uncompromising way of doing things -- that's everywhere in this country today.

Look at Congress and how many laws have been enacted this year. Yeah, and you shake hands with someone you know who thinks differently on abortion, gay marriage, Obamacare, immigration.

I know what you're feeling.

These guys have their own Cold War going, which really is no different than the war of words liberals and conservatives have been having forever. Maybe that's why it feels like the country is always stuck in the mud.

So here's some advice: If you can't shake off the animosity of the handshake -- no one wins!

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