Dallas DA Susan Hawk Returns to Work: ‘I’m Stronger’

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DALLAS - It's been nine weeks since Dallas County District Attorney Susan Hawk was last seen around her office, but Thursday she was back in the building.

"I'm excited to be back at work here today," Hawk said. "I know you all have questions. I know that you deserve answers, which I fully intend to do."

To say we have questions might be an understatement. Back in August, Hawk went MIA for over three weeks before announcing she was taking unpaid leave to seek treatment for a "serious episode of depression."

 Hey, depression is no joke, but criminal defense attorney Heath Harris -- who used to be a prosecutor with the DA's office and still spends most of his time at the Crowley courthouse -- says more answers are needed.

 "It's gonna take much more than the little scripted answer that she gave today," Harris told NewsFix. "She's got a long way to go, so we'll see what happens."

 He's not the only critic Hawk will have to face.

 The chair of the Dallas County Democratic Party, Carol Donovan, said back in August that, "If she is unwilling or unable to execute the duties of her office, she needs to resign."

 Former administrative chief under Hawk, Cindy Stormer, is going a step further and has started a petition to push Hawk out of office.

"I don't think two months of treatment is going to fix the problem with District Attorney Hawk," Stormer said Saturday.

 Hawk says we'll be getting our answers next week when she gets a chance to chat with media. And hey, can you blame her for the delay?  It's hard enough catching up on emails after taking a long weekend. She'll have her hands full after missing two months!

 "The important thing is I'm stronger than I've ever been," Hawk said Thursday morning. "And I'm so grateful to have this opportunity to serve you."

 She'll need that strength. She's still got a big job to do.  And the city will be watching her like, well, like a hawk.

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