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Things You Don’t Know About Vitamin C

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So, we all know a thing or two about Vitamin C. No, not the singer from the  late 90’s!

We mean the stuff that’s in orange juice  and helped sailors fight off scurvy. What else do you think you know about Vitamin C?

Lucky for you, helped bust some myths about the nutrient.

Like, blasting a cold with Vitamin C will fight it off! That’s a myth!

While there’s some research that shows taking Vitamin C on the regular could cut how long you have a cold, but for most people a big boost of the stuff doesn’t reduce the risk of catching a pesky cold.

Next up, citrus is the best source of Vitamin C! That’s a myth!

While citrus is an excellent source of Vitamin C, a veggie, bell peppers, comes out on top!

A cup of the chopped pepper packs a whopping 200-300 milligrams of Vitamin C, 100 times more than a cup of OJ!

And finally, you can get too much Vitamin C. No way!!

That’s a big ol’ myth!

You’re body can’t store Vitamin C, so when you take in more than you need you get rid of it.

How much do you need? Just 200 milligrams a day. So go on and make sure to  get some Vitamin C in your life!

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