Police Groups Demand New Dallas PD Leadership

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DALLAS -- Things are getting tougher for Dallas Police Chief David Brown by the day. Nearly half a dozen police organizations, both local and national, converged at the Dallas Police Association's headquarters Wednesday to call for change.brown

"Is the chief going to change, and start serving the citizens and give them the product they deserve?" asked Ron Pinkston, President of the DPA.

While Pinkston didn't say Brown should be removed, in so many words, he did say, "We have to have the city manager make the changes that are needed to be made."

The city manager is the one with hiring/firing power over the Chief's position.

Folks have been demanding for weeks that Chief Brown either change his management style or step down.

One of the few organizations supporting the Chief is the Black Police Association of Greater Dallas...  but Rochelle Bilal, Vice Chair of the National Black Police Association, said Wednesday that "The Dallas Police Department needs to change in its leadership and philosophy."

Wednesday's call for change came on the heels of a DPA survey in which 40% of officers surveyed said morale in the department is the lowest it's ever been. Yeah, after five years as Chief, the writing may be on the wall for Brown.

"The average tenure for a Chief of Police in this city is three years. I'm on borrowed time," Chief Brown said earlier this week.

But we'll have to wait for the smoke to clear to see if there's a new sheriff in town.

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