Childress Police Chief Stands Behind ‘In God We Trust’ Bumper Stickers

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CHILDRESS, Texas -- You know you've seen them, bumper stickers that ride the inappropriate line. But it's the bumper stickers on cop cars in Childress, Texas that are driving some off the edge.

They read. "In God We Trust," and the message isn't being received well by atheists who are demanding the stickers be removed.

But the chief's message is what's really garnering a following. His response? He told the Freedom From Religion foundation to “go fly a kite!” To no one's surprise, the chief's letter has been shared nearly 130,000 times  and liked by 153,000 people.

But this isn't the first department to slap on an "In God We Trust" sticker. Stations in Missouri, Florida and Oklahoma have also taken a stand.

Looks like atheist groups are going to have a hard time removing the motto, whether it's on a coin or cop car.

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