Not So High Anymore: Weed Prices Drop in Colorado

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DENVER, CO-While we're getting pumped over cheaper gas prices, folks in Colorado are getting high over lower blunt prices. According to Forbes, dispensaries are mellowing out the price of their products as more marijuana shops pop up.

So what's the low cost of getting high? Well prices fell from $50 to $70 for an eighth of an ounce to $30 to $45. Hey that even leaves money for munchies!

As more people grow the green stuff, it's forced competitors to drop prices to compete. But this hasn't hazed business, in fact, the numbers are hot, shops reporting numbers ranging from 100 to 300 a day to 150 to 350.

Some competitors have even decided to combine the gas and grass businesses, you know, a little fuel and fun in one stop.

Shops are expected to blaze into town in Colorado within the next month.

Hey, at this rate, it's gonna pay to be a stoner.

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