Netflix & Chill: New Button Sets Mood For Movie Night

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DALLAS -- The internet has done it again, turning something completely innocent well, you know, dirty. We're talking "Netflix and Chill."

So, what does it mean? Watch a movie and hangout, right? Ok, now you're getting hot.

"Netflix and Chill" means coming over, turning on some Netflix and well, never actually seeing the movie. Get our drift?

netflix and chill

After months of hilarious #NetflixandChill memes, Netflix is capitalizing on the "chill" part by inventing the "Netflix and Chill Button." It's fully able to dim the lights, activate your phone's do not disturb mode and even order take out -- you know, really set the mood.

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And it seems like it came at a good time as Netflix released its new arrivals for October.

So, here are some suggestions for your next Netflix and chill. How about some "Boogie Nights," or you could pull her in close with "Curse of Chucky?"

Hey, whatever your choice is, grab a blanket and happy Netflix and chilling!

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