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Cops Survey Reveals Low Morale, Concern for Citizens’ Safety

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DALLAS--It's been a tough few days for police chief David Brown.

First there were reports that a couple of council members wanted him to announce his retirement--now!

It turns out he's not so popular with his own officers, either.

"The Dallas Police Department's broken and we have to fix it," said Dallas Police Association president Ron Pinkston.

A survey from the Dallas Police Association found:

  • 32% of Dallas cops think morale is low.
  • 40% think morale is the lowest it's ever been.
  • 65% say the people of Dallas are less safe under Brown's policies than they were before he became chief.
  • 51% say they're dissatisfied with their jobs.

The police association says the problems start at the top.

"If Chief Brown can't change his management style, the city manager will see that and find somebody that can do it," Pinkston said.

The chief had something to say about that. During a luncheon with the Dallas Bar Association, Brown said he's more interested in talking to individual cops than in a survey.

"DPA did 'no confidence' for my predecessor, Chief Kunkle," Brown said. "Previous chiefs have had the same tense relationships with the DPA, so this is nothing new. It's kind of life in the big city."

But with violent crime rates up compared to last year, let's hope these two sides can work together and make us all safer.

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