Cowboys Super Fan Auditioned for Cheerleader at 55-Years-Old!

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CARROLLTON, TX -- It’s no secret Cowboys Nation is populated with some of the craziest, die-hard, bleed blue–and-silver fans in the league.

Sharon Simmons from Carrollton is no exception. When it comes to backing dem boyz, the festive fan knows how to accessorize her spirit.

"This is my Cowboys scarf. It keeps me warm and also shows total support," Simmons told NewsFix. "Notice the my little hat, with all the pink. The ladies would love this hat because I not only support the Dallas Cowboys, but the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders.”

"This is the big-boy shirt. The ultimate, 'I support the Cowboys team' this is the winner – all way,” Simmons said of her lucky Cowboys shirt.

Sharon’s Cowboys enthusiasm extends beyond her clothes. This woman took her fandom to a whole new level when she left it all on the dance floor.

In 2013, at 55-years-young, Sharon auditioned for the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. "I never let the age thing bother me, I don’t see age, necessarily. But you know, it is what it is, I’m a bit older than the girls who were auditioning. They were young enough to be my daughter or granddaughter.”

"It was the most incredible, most memorable time of my entire life. It was awesome!”

The fitness maven says it was her life-long dream realized; a dream that started with a costume and a competition.

"This is my custom-made outfit that I auditioned in the competition outfit. This was in Las Vegas. It was at that very moment when I was standing on stage, shaking the pom-poms, that I knew I had to audition for the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders.”

Sharon wrote about her experience, and now encourages others to pursue their passion.

"My goal was to audition, and I did it. I trained for it and I did it well. So, I’m very pleased with what I did," Simmons said. "I would do it again.  Uh, oh – I may!"

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