Ex-Employee Seeks to Remove Susan Hawk from Office

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DALLAS -  Dallas County DA Susan Hawk is expected to be back to work next week... but an ex-employee says it might not be for long.

Former Administrative Chief, Cindy Stormer, is planning to file a petition to remove Hawk from office. It's a move that's completely legal in the state of Texas. Law states elected officials can be removed if there is proof of incompetence or official misconduct.

Stormer says even with Hawk's recent treatment for depression, the DA won't be up to the job.

“I don’t think two months of treatment is going to fix the problem with District Attorney Hawk,” she says. “She’s paranoid and she`s suffering from a mental disorder.”

Those are some serious allegations against the county's first female district attorney who’s been who's been under fire as of late. What's more, Stormer claims Hawk tried to misused taxpayer money on personal purchases.

“She would repeatedly come in and ask  me to spend money on certain things that were inappropriate,” she says. “I was constantly having to tell her no.”

Stormer says Hawk requested she pay bills with public funds.

NewsFix reached out to the D.A’s office,  to get their side of the story -- but so far, no response.

We did, however, get this statement earlier this week from Hawk's top assistant Messina Madson:

"It is unfortunate that Mrs. Stormer is choosing to distort the facts and attack our office, and specifically attack Judge Hawk while she unable to respond."

Hawk’s eight-month tenure has been tumultuous, even before her extended absence. It’s been well known that she either fired or forced six key employees to resign, but Stormer says, that number is much higher.

“By my count it`s 30 - 40 employees that have been terminated there,” she says.

Looks like Hawk's comeback will come with plenty of questions for her to answer.