The Bigger Picture Behind Twitter’s New ‘Scandal’ Emoji

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LOS ANGELES — Besides Fitz finally serving divorce papers in Thursday night’s season premiere of “Scandal,” live tweeters were also blindsided by a social media twist!

ABC and Twitter rolled out a few new emojis to go along with their TGIT hashtags! For example, if you type in #HTGAWM (How To get Away With Murder), Twitter automatically adds a Lady Justice emoji, also known as a “hash-flag.”

But instead of a wine glass, like most #Scandal fans would naturally expect, the show’s emoji represented a multi-racial couple smooching with a heart over it.

Yes, this emoji clearly represents ‘Team Olitz’.

Of course, social media went all heart eyes behind the Scandal-inspired picture. But some people also had mixed emotions towards the mixed-couple emoji.

But this offscreen plot thickens…

Hmmm… good question.

We all know that Apple’s latest emoji update now features diversity, such as color changing characters and LGBT love — like the two guys kissing or the family featuring two female parents. But the iOS software still has no love for the swirl.

And no word if Apple will feature a biracial couple on their emoji keypad anytime soon.

Well, maybe this scandal will inspire change and prompt them to get with the program.

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