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‘Pope Selfie’ App Divine Inspiration for Those Wanting Pic with Pope

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NORTH TEXAS -- Looks like everything’s “pope-tastic” in the U.S. His Holiness has been on a whirlwind tour, spreading his message of peace and hope in the states.

Scores of thousands have flocked to his appearances in Washington, D.C. and New York City, all clamoring to capture a glimpse of the People’s Pope.

On Friday, the Big Apple rolled out a warm welcome for the pontiff.  Even the New York Post printed its daily gospel on the New York Pope.

Hmm..not quite a canonization, but maybe the paper is looking to secure a spot in sainthood?

Moving on, crowd reaction in New York City was almost comical when Pope Fauxcis was spotted cruising through Times Square.

Don’t tell those folks he’s just a wax figure, they surrounded the figure and snapped a spiritual selfie.

Well, can you believe even with his jam-packed schedule, the Pope made time to visit the humble staff at NewsFix? Okay, okay – so we have a confession: Pope Francis wasn’t really at the NewsFix studio.

But, lucky for you, if couldn’t make his mass, or be in the masses, your saintly selfie is as simple as downloading an app.

Yeah, the Pope Selfie lets you get up close and personal with the Pope, all without ever leaving your home; talk about divine inspiration.

Can we get an amen?

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