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Elephants From Swaziland Coming to Dallas Zoo

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DALLAS -- Not so long ago, the Dallas Zoo was criticized as a bad place for elephants. Activists wanted then-32-year-old Jenny retired to a sanctuary in Tennessee.

They even got celebrity power from comedian Lily Tomlin.

Well, Jenny ended up staying. She got an impressive new habitat, called the "Giants of the Savanna." And now, she's about to get some new friends.

"They have an elephant issue in Swaziland," Dallas Zoo CEO Gregg Hudson said.

Turns out, Dallas is a better place for elephants than Swaziland. The African nation has too many elephants and needs to find new homes for some.

"They have more elephants than their wildlife parks, their managed wildlife parks can manage," Hudson said.

Their old home looks pretty desolate.

"There's no better place than our zoos for these animals," Hudson said. "This is a safe haven."

If the feds and the Swazi government approve, six of those elephants will come to Dallas. They'll move in with Jenny and three other elephants, and live alongside giraffes, lions and cheetahs.

So, welcome to our new friends from Swaziland. Dallas is a pretty good place to be.

Just ask Jenny.

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