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Wild Arlington Police Chase Ends in Horrific Crash

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ARLINGTON, Texas -- When you see a high-speed chase, you probably think, "Somebody is gonna get hurt." This time, three people in the wrong place at the wrong time in Arlington did.

Cops say it started with a carjacking and bank robbery at Wells Fargo in Mansfield.

Next stop, a Bank of America in Arlington. That's right, cops say 38-year-old Dylan Perry robbed not one but two banks.

And the wild crime spree didn't end there. Another carjacking. This time, a BMW from a car dealership. Witnesses say Perry was shooting out the window at cops and doing donuts as he made his getaway.

It all came to violent crash ending when the stolen BMW slammed into red Dodge pickup truck on West Division near Cooper. Police say Perry then jumped shooting.

Three people were trapped inside the truck which flipped over. They all had to be extricated and were rushed to the hospital. No word on their conditions.

The suspect was also injured, either in the crash or the shootout. He's also been hospitalized.

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