Class Act: Keller Senior Might Put a Man On Mars!

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KELLER, Texas — Some kids want to shoot for the moon, and some actually know how! That’s what makes Derrick Walker our Class Act of the Week.

Derrick is a senior at Keller High and a member of the school’s robotics program.

“In eighth grade when I had the first opportunity to take an engineering class, I took it and I took every one I was able to since,” Derrick said.

His hard work hasn’t gone unnoticed either. He landed a week-long internship at NASA this summer.

“We had different lectures from all kinds of people who work at NASA,” he said. “And then, they actually had us design variants of their mission to Mars and everything from when we’d get there, how we’d get there and what we’d do there.”

No surprise here, but Derrick’s team won the week’s competition when it came to planning their mission to Mars. And it came in under budget!

Hey, that’s a Space Age miracle even NASA can admire.

“It’s really exciting to see them be able to pursue because Derrick, he’s a strong student,” said Keller High engineering teacher Shawn Schmuck. “You can tell he’s heading into engineering or the science field and for that to open up. It’s just exciting to see.”

Yep, and Derrick’s trajectory is taking him straight up!

“I’d love to be able to work on the next phases of the Mars mission and kind of go from there to different planets and different possibilities,” he said.

So, will this kid be down in Houston helping the first man set foot on the Red Planet?

“I hope to be in Mission Control,” Derrick smiled. “Yep that’s my dream!”

Well, dreaming is one thing, but Derrick has the math, skills and drive, and he might just be a huge part of that next small step for man… and one giant leap for mankind!

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