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Chew on This: Texas Tapas

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DEEP ELLUM -- Looking for good vibes and Texas-inspired treats you can devour yourself or split with friends? It's Texas Tapas in Deep Ellum.

Now for those who don't know where the tapas concept started...

"It's from Spain, and it's part of their whole lifestyle in Spain where you eat little portions of a lot of things,” owner Russell David Hobbs said.

Hobbs just happens to be the owner of The Door and Prophet Bar, conveniently connected to the restaurant.

"We wanted to do a restaurant down here next to our live music club that would offer a variety of food that's really tasty and satisfying for people that are out at night going to clubs seeing bands,” Hobbs said.

So, what kind of food with a flare is being served up here? How about the buttery waffle burger with cheese, honey, and a fried egg?

"You could look at it as a breakfast burger, but it's good 24 hours a day,” Hobbs said.

So is the Deep Ellum fried ribeye a Texas take on the chicken fried steak. Also topped with a fried egg. And calamari, served with a jalapeno jelly.

Chew on This, Texas Tapas is the only place serving up this baby, the American Dream, a hotdog inside of a donut. How's that for food porn?

Now, one can only wonder, is it safe to associate all this deep-fried deliciousness with the words ‘guilt-free’ seeing that they are small plates?

"Well, I don't think guilt should ever be involved in eating,” Hobbs said. “There's a lot worse crimes than eating. Most people like some meat and some indulgent gravy on their stuff too.”

Well said my friend, well said.

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