Beats By Dre? Rapist Sketch Sure Looks A Lot Like Dr. Dre

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rapist sketch

ATLANTA —  Okay, we’re not trying to start any rumors here, but the sketch of a violent rapist Straight Outta Atlanta sure looks a lot like Straight Outta Compton rapper Dr. Dre.

We’re not making light of the situation. We know sexual assault is no laughing matter, especially what happened to the victim in this case. Atlanta police say the guy in the sketch — not Dr. Dre — broke into a woman’s home and forced himself on her.

Well, as soon as media outlets posted the rapist’s sketch, thousands of Dr. Dre comments started rolling in, giving new meaning to “Beats By Dre.”

“Looks like Dr. Dre,” John Trump wrote on Fox 5 Atlanta’s Facebook page.

“I thought I was the only one who thought he resembled Dr. Dre,” Cicely Shy said.

“My theory is that the artist got bored while taking the victim’s details, and instead, worked on a commission for someone involving a drawing of Dr. Dre,” someone wrote on Reddit.

So, are we dealing with a sketchy sketch artist here?

First T.I. was trying to abduct little kids as if he needed some more, now they’re claiming Dr. Dre trying to rape someone,” Sylvia Turner Downing wrote on WGCL’s page. “Maybe it’s time for some new sketch artists that don’t follow hip-hop!!”

Yeah, look at these sketches from other crimes in Atlanta. Any of them look familiar?


As we said earlier, we’re not trying to start any rumors, but uhh…

Maybe this sketch artist has been hanging out with the Tom Brady “Deface-Gate” chick.

Tom Brady in "Deface-Gate"

Tom Brady in “Deface-Gate”

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