Thanks a Million! Dallas Zoo Celebrates One Million Guests

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DALLAS, Texas-- It was probably one of the best kept secrets in Dallas Zoo's history!  Hump day witnessed the  zoo's one-millionth visitor for this fiscal year. It's the first time ever in the zoo's 127-year history.

Talk about a lot of foot traffic to keep track of.

“It's really fun to see the zoo finally get over that million mark,” said Gregg Hudson, Dallas Zoo President and CEO.

In honor of the special day, the staff surprised its millionth family with a VIP visit and some pretty sweet prizes. Hey, it's not every day you're randomly crowned customer of the year!

Well, unless you're the folks over at the Fort Worth Zoo. It’s pretty wild that they also celebrated their millionth milestone for the 24th year in a row on Tuesday.

Guess those dollar days really do pay off!