Study Says: The Age That Best Attracts Men Is…

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DALLAS -- Ever heard of the phrase, younger is better? Well, according to dating guru Christian Rudder, the number 22 isn't just a hit song from T-Swift. It's the golden age that men find women the most attractive.

Turns out, Rudder got this magic number from data gathered off his dating site OkCupid.

While most women find an older man more attractive, it's a different story when the genders are flipped. Rudder’s research found that 20-year-old dudes go for women the same age. But 30-year-old men are also interested in a 20-year-old.

By 40, he’s probably looking for someone a little older and legal. 21.

And at 50, the study found that men are interested in women who are 22!

Rudder claims this age gap simply means a man’s idea of what's hot just really never gets old.