Residents Return, Repairs Ramp Up in Waxahachie

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WAXAHACHIE -- The folks who live on Arabian Road are finally getting back into their homes after a long couple of days.  Yeah, their week started with a bang -- one that left one home leveled and nine more damaged.

Wednesday morning, folks were busy assessing and patching up all that damage.

Not all the homes were livable, so fences were being set up to keep people out until their structures can be checked out.

Also waiting on a clean bill of health is Adele Chavez.  The 69-year-old was home with her brother Jaime when their house blew up Monday morning.  Both were airlifted to the hospital with burns and other injuries.  Adele's were the most severe. She had surgery Tuesday night and remains in ICU.

There's been no update on what caused the explosion, but Atmos Energy said in a statement Tuesday that they'd discovered "significant third-party damage" to natural gas lines near the home.

Atmos also declared the area safe from any more gas-related danger.

Whatever caused Monday's blast, Adele, Jaime, and their neighborhood are all on their way down a long road to recovery.