‘Normal Barbie’ Now Gets Her Period

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PITTSBURGH -- Okay, full disclosure, we're about to talk about that time of the month. Yeah, periods! Wipe that look off your face. It's completely normal and almost every lady goes through it and now one doll is helping young girls confront that scary word, puberty!

The Lammily Doll, also known as the “Normal Barbie,” already made with cellulite and stretch marks, is now surfing the crimson wave.

But she won't be left like Carrie at prom. This doll is prepared with a $10 'Period Party' extension kit, equipped with 19 colored pads, undies, even a calendar to track her period.

Good news girls, there's an app for that now!

The makers of the Lammily Doll are not only helping parents have the talk, but they're also trying set send a message, especially after Donald Trump referred to Fox's Megyn Kelly as having her period after the GOP debate.

Hey, if this doll is teaching us anything, it's to be cool and go with the flow. Period.