Well, He Asked for it…#AskTrump Backfires on Twitter

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NEW YORK, NY -- The Trump train rolls on; the Republican front-runner continues chugging along, even in the middle of his latest controversy.

Seems like nothing can throw the man off track…well, except maybe one thing.

On Monday, Trump took to Twitter and posted the hashtag "Ask Trump;” and, wow  did the twitterverse ask.

The responses ranged from silly. to serious and even significant; especially the tweet asking about Tony Romo. Well, it’s a fair question.

But, perhaps it wasn’t quite the feedback Trump was expecting. He did, however, respond to a handful of questions on gun control, student debt, oh, and yes, about Romo's injury.

What? Hey now, Trump is really starting to sound like a politician. Who knows if his Twitter town hall will be enough to boost his numbers. poll

The latest CNN/ORC poll shows he fell 8%, while Carly Fiorina saw a boost, closing the gap. Let’s see how he can trump that.