Up your Pizza Game With Fireside Pies

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Pizza never goes out of season, but if you're looking for a delicious pie and a sensational seasonal autumn side salad look no further.  We hooked up with Fireside Pies and got a taste of their Triple 'Roni and the perfect for fall, Harvest Salad.

Chef Joe Bozarth took hold of their in house made dough, spread it out, smothered it with their fire roasted pie sauce, threw down a special blend of cheeses, peppered the pepperoni on like a pro, then topped it with mozzarella cheese.  Then off into the oven it goes until the crust is golden brown.

And if you want to try the same thing at home, Chef Bozarth says all you need is a cooking stone but make sure to watch your pie like a hawk.  They'll cook up pretty fast.

Then for the salad, all you need are ingredients.  At Fireside they tossed in some apples and pears, red oak lettuce, some endive for texture and protein, Spanish Marcona almonds, some dried cranberries, a little pancetta, a touch of blue cheese, and a champagne vinaigrette.

Now if you don't have pancetta, Marcona almonds, or champagne vinaigrette lying around in your pantry, you can substitute with some sort of bacon bits, nuts, and really any kind of Italian or vinaigrette dressing you want.

They make for the perfect flavor combo, just right for those cool autumn evenings.

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