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Survey: Employees Prefer Better Boss Over Pay Raise

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NORTH TEXAS-Yeah you better treat her right, it’s what she wants, it’s what a lot of people want when it comes to work life.

A new study by Randstad U.S., an HR consulting firm, finds that workers would prefer to trade a salary increase for a better boss.

Yikes! Hey some peeps are even willing to give up a chunk of change in exchange for a happier work place. We're talking a whole $5,000.

The real deal here, looks like workers are just looking for that perfect work life balance, you know, work hard, play hard.

But according to the study, about 41 percent think that balancing act is nearly impossible to achieve.

What's worse is Americans are all work and no play! More and more Americans skip on their vacation days, thinking they're boss will think highly of them if they do.

But truth is, a little vacation never hurt nobody!

Hey bosses, listen up, get out from behind that desk, let your employees know you appreciate their hard work.

After all, we're all just working for the weekend!

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