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Dallas Church Members Come Out Against Same-Sex Marriage

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DALLAS -- Whatever you think about same-sex marriage, you gotta admit that county clerk in Kentucky has taken a lot of heat over the last few weeks.

Court after court told her she had to issue marriage licenses despite her religious beliefs. She's gone to jail and she's been trashed on social media.

Some folks in Dallas decided it was time for someone to show some love for the embattled clerk.

"And anything that goes against God's word, Amen, is against God and is wrong," said Bishop Darick L. Favors of Full Gospel Tabernacle Church.

The church members turned out at the Dallas County records building on Monday, along with some of their friends in the community, often breaking out into song.

They protested what they see as an attack on their beliefs. Their religious rights.

In a country that's sharply divided over same-sex marriage, these folks just wanted to express themselves the best way they know how.

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