5Miles: Dallas-Based App is a Garage Sale on Your Phone

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DALLAS -- Got too much stuff trapped in your closet? Well, a Dallas-based app can fix that for you.

“Allows consumers and users to cash in on their clutter,” General Manager Rick Cantu told NewsFix.

It’s called 5Miles. The goal is to buy and sell within five miles of your location.

“Our CEO came up with the idea,” Cantu explained.  “He was actually taking a hike at the time and after five miles, it was the eureka moment, ‘Aha! I’ll name it.' Before when everybody went into their closet, or their garage, or their attic and saw all this stuff they wanted to get rid of, their choices were pretty limited.  Either you could do a garage sale, you could do a listing, or you could use a variety of clunky old websites.”

It’s like a garage sale on your phone, plus it’s all free. You keep all you make.  Cantu mentioned a seller who posted furniture from her showroom on the app.

“A single mom. She said she was making an extra $700 a month.  We decided, you know what, we wanted to contribute to your success as well.  When it came time to decorate our headquarters, we decided we’re going to buy from you.”

As an added bonus, you can search for jobs or hire help. Talk about going the extra mile!

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