Change of Heart: Trump Does Damage Control Following Recent Backlash

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URBANDALE, IA --  Well, well, well – guess who’s playing damage control?

"I love the Muslims, I think they’re great people,” Donald Trump told CNN on Saturday.

Looks like someone might have taken a cue from Jerry Maguire.

Okay, we get it. Trump is out to dump the negative press from yet another sticky situation. The Republican front-runner has been under fire since last Thursday for failing to correct a supporter who said President Obama was a Muslim, and not an American citizen.

What’s more, the supporter referred to Muslim-Americans as a “problem.”

Trump fired back on social media and appeared to have, shall we say, a change of heart on Saturday.

During a rally Iowa on Saturday, an audience member asked Trump the following question: "I consider Muslim-Americans to be an important asset to our country and society. Would you consider putting one in your cabinet or on your ticket?"

Trump's response? "Oh absolutely, no problem with it.  Would I consider putting a Muslim-American in my cabinet? Absolutely no problem with that."

Okay, so it’s not exactly an apology. But, then again, when has Trump ever said I’m sorry?


Then, there are the polls. You know, the ones Trump is quick to remind everyone that he leads? Well, the new CNN/ORC Poll released Sunday shows Trump has taken a hit.

He’s still ahead of the pack, but not by much. Trump is now at 24%; that’s an 8% drop from earlier this month.

Carly Fiorina, meanwhile, saw a 3% increase and is currently at 15% support.

Too bad Kanye West isn’t running for another four years. He dropped "2020" in a song he performed over the weekend at an iHeartRadio performance in Las Vegas.

And you thought it was just a speech.

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