The Pope Has Landed: Pontiff Makes Historic Trip to Cuba Before U.S. Stop

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Update: Pope Francis landed in Havana, Cuba, Saturday afternoon. He was greeted by scores of admirers and President Raul Castro. The Pope will be in Cuba until Tuesday, then he'll fly into Washington, D.C. where he'll begin his tour in the U.S. The Pontiff plans to hold a mass at Revolution Square on Sunday. 


DALLAS- Call him the Phil Dunphy of popes, you know, the cool papa, Pope Francis.

But the pontiff has taken on a new role, worldly diplomat, quietly helping mend relations between cold war adversaries, the U.S. and Cuba.

The result? Open travel and business between both countries.

What's more, the pope is set to touch-down in Havana tomorrow. He'll be there for three days.

“I'm going to visit with you to share faith and hope with you so that we shall strengthen each other mutually in following Jesus,” said Pope Francis.

Then on Tuesday, "the people's pope" will bring his message of peace to America. The first stop on his U.S. tour is Washington, D.C.

He'll meet with U.S. bishops, one of them, from our backyard Dallas Bishop Kevin Farrell.

"Pope Francis is coming here as a pastor, not a world leader or as a politician. He's coming to bring the good news of Jesus Christ," said Farrell.

Want to follow Bishop Farrell's up close and personal meeting with the pope? Well, he says you can find him on social media.

"Today everybody uses social media, even I am a museum piece but I even use social media," he said.

So there you have it, follow and share, we're sure his holiness will give it a like!