Straight Outta Dallas: Local Rapper Justus Working With Dr. Dre

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DALLAS --  You've heard Dr. Dre’s music and you’ve probably seen his story in the hip-hop biopic "Straight Outta Compton." Now, one of rap music’s pioneers is working on a new project. He’s turning one local artist dreams into a reality. Justin Mohrle a.ka. "Justus" is a rapper and songwriter straight out of Dallas.

“Just coming up through the Dallas scene definitely helped define my sound and my character as a person,” Justus told NewsFix.

The 23-year-old rapper describes his style as soulful.

“From a young age my dad had me riding around in the car listening to Blues music and like Chuck Berry,” he added.

Justus knew that hip-hop would be his life-long hustle at the age of 15. After years of headlining shows in Deep Ellum, rapping in local cyphers, and even starting his own group, Justus’ sound caught the attention of legendary Dallas rapper D.O.C. who ended up giving him his first break.

“D.O.C. was like, 'Man, this is kind of good let me see if I could give it to Dre.' I’m like, ‘Whatever bro.’ And sure enough, a couple of weeks later, I was on the plane to L.A.”

Over the summer, Justus collaborated with Dre and is featured on the recently released studio album "Compton: A Soundtrack by Dr. Dre."

Justus now lives in Los Angeles and works with one of the hottest producers in the game. He's also working on putting Dallas’ rap scene back on the map by using his voice and story to inspire others.

And his success story started with a visionary board he created with his roommates a year ago.

“We got a whiteboard and started writing stuff on it. And one thing we wrote was Interscope, and then Dr.Dre and an amount of money,”  Justus explained. “A year later, mostly everything on that list was crossed out exactly, and it's cause I looked at it every day and it soaked in and it sat with me on a daily basis.”

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