Signs You’re Not Ready to Have Babies

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Do you envy all your friends’ and families’ baby pictures on Facebook and Instagram? Don’t let those cute baby pics sway you into thinking you should have a baby also! Parents don’t post all the blood,sweat and tears that go into having one.

Here are some signs “The Elite Daily” says will show you’re not ready to have babies just yet.

 First up, you like having nice things like brand name clothing, a luxury car, and expensive furniture; bring kids into the picture and you can kiss those things goodbye. If you’re not ready to give up the material possessions that hold value to you, you should probably hold off on procreating.

 Next up, if you like having time to yourself with no interruptions, babies can probably wait. If you want to have little rascals running around the house, be prepared for next to no time at all to veg out…let alone breathe.

  Lastly, if you care about what other people think of you…DO NOT HAVE CHILDREN! Parents are constantly being judged by other parents. You have to be able to make decisions and not care what your friends, family, or other parents think. Plain and simple.

 So don’t let the pressures of social media persuade you into thinking you need to have a baby because chances are…you’re not ready.