Putin Prank: Elton John Tricked Over the Phone

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MOSCOW - There seems to be some confusion between the rocket man and the leader of Russia.

Elton John took to social media to announce President Putin had called him to talk about gay rights. Elton thanked Putin on Instagram saying he looked forward to meeting him face to face to discuss LGBT equality in Russia.

Only problem? Putin`s people say the conversation never happened. Yeah, it looks like somebody might be mixing up the truth here.

But did Elton fall victim to a prank Putin call? That`s what two Russian pranksters are claiming.

They`re famous for prank-calling Russian and Ukrainian celebrities for TV shows and say the audio of the call will be played on a prime-time show Wednesday.

So it appears Elton will have to wait to meet the “Madman Across the Water.” No word on whether Putin has any plans to spend time with the piano player with or without his shirt on. Sorry Elton.