Comeback Kids: Rangers Take First Place in the AL West

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ARLINGTON – There`s nothing quite like the feeling of coming in first, and after Tuesday night, the embattled Rangers now know what that feeling is all about. The Rangers beat the rival Astros in a back-and-forth ballgame, coming away with the 6-5 victory and the AL West division lead.

Texas is now only the fifth team ever in the divisional era to win sole possession of first place for the first time on September 15 or later.  #sliceanddicethenumbers

So get ready because the bandwagon is about to get a little crowded. This historic comeback is all thanks to the bullpen which went from one of the worst to one of the best in just a couple of months.

But the journey isn’t over yet; the Rangers still have 18 games left which includes 5 more games against the Astros. So even though the Rangers won the silver boot they don`t want to put their foot in their mouths.

They take the mound against the Astros again tonight at 7:05.