All Work & No Play: Congressman Wants to Throw Flag on Fantasy Sports

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WASHINGTON D.C. - There`s always that one person at the party who finds a way to kill all the fun. Meet New Jersey congressman Frank Pallone. He wants to crash the party known as fantasy football.

He`s specifically targeting daily fantasy sports sites like DraftKings and FanDuel; both have become very popular choices among sports fans. For now, the sites are legal -- since they`re not considered online gambling -- but are instead games of skill. Games of skill that at times payout million dollar prizes.

Pallone argues that betting money on individual player performances is no different than traditional gambling and deserves a congressional investigation. But it`s not all bad; Pallone is actually a supporter of legalized sports gambling but he's not so sure teams and players should be allowed to take part a la Pete Rose.

While he might not think the game is for athletes, at least one group`s participation in fantasy is on the rise: Women. According to American Express, nearly 75 million Americans plan to play fantasy football this season. About one out of every five will be a woman.

So move over fellas and make room for the ladies at the fantasy table, at least while it's still legal.