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How Butter Fixes Everything

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Let's face it.  What doesn't taste better with butter?  Whether it's pancakes, lobster, or popcorn, butter takes almost anything to the next level. But did you know you can use the greasy goodness for more than just food?  Yup, that's right.  Butter can be used a bunch of different ways!

You got a necklace that's all tangled up? Butter is your best friend.  Use the stuff on the knot, and it makes it a lot easier to detangle.

Up next, tree sap!  get that icky-sticky stuff off your clothes or your car with a dab of butter!  Got gum stuck in your hair?  Butter to the rescue.  It's also a great conditioner too.

And if you want to keep your expensive cheese from getting moldy, rub some butter on it.  It'll keep it from spoiling, and make it last longer in the fridge.

So next time something needs fixing around the house, go grab a stick of butter.  It's the answer to everything.  Just ask Paula Deen.

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