Cowboys Fans Bleed Blue & Silver, Aren’t Afraid to Show Spirit

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MESQUITE, TX --  It’s no secret Cowboys Nation is populated with some of the craziest, die-hard, bleed-blue-and-silver fans in the league.

Heck, Cowboys fans were just named the “best fans” in the entire NFL, according to a recent study by Emory University.

That’s right – the best in the league.

How’s that for a game day fact?

Well,  we can’t necessarily say we’re surprised; after all, how many fans do you know sport their love for their favorite wide receiver on their dome?

Check it out – that’s the man himself,  number 88 Dez Bryant. Now, that’s worth throwing up the X!

What’s more, Mesquite is home to a family that isn’t afraid to show off their spirit. Yes, their house is painted in silver, white and blue…complete with the iconic Cowboys star.

Someone should give the family an extra point for creativity, and for being the talk of the town.

"I think it’s great, I’m a big Cowboys fan and I like it,” neighbor William Mullens said. "There’s several people who stop and take pictures of it.”

Hey, this is Cowboys country, the church of super fans, where every day is football Sunday, and these fans don’t play.

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