Trump Rally Sold Out, Scalpers Looking to Cash In

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DALLAS -- Donald Trump is leading the republican presidential polls, and his popularity is apparently leading some to folks to cash in on his Big D appearance. Want to attend his sold out rally at the American Airlines Center Monday night?  Well, you're gonna have to pay up.

20,000 free tickets have been given away, and now some budding entrepreneurs are selling their tickets on Ebay and Craiglist.

Turning a profit on a freebie? That’s some deal making even The Donald would approve.

“I’ve been making lots of wonderful deals, great deals all my life,” he says often at rallies.

NewsFix found some tickets listed for up to 300 bucks for a pair. And you thought Taylor Swift tickets were pricey!

So, much would you pay to see "Trump Live?"

“Zero,” says Angie Akers. “Nada, nothing,”

“You would have to pay me to see Donald Trump,” says Joyce Smith.

Who knows if these tickets will actually sell, but with Trump still dominating the GOP primary field, some supporters might just cough up the cash for a chance to see Trump in action.

Trump is scheduled to speak at the American Airlines Center at 6 p.m. Along with supporters, he'll be met with hundreds of protesters.

Local Latino groups are holding a "Dump the Trump" march. Nearly 2,000 people are expected to attend -- all wearing red, white and blue.