Chew on This: Cake with a Kick

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Fort Worth - Who doesn't like a little alcohol and cake? Well, how about mixing alcohol in cake? That confection concoction is exactly what you'll find at Cake with a Kick.

For owner Misty Scott, cake has always been her passion. Her inspiration behind her sweet shop was kick-started by one of her kids!

"I have a daughter who will be entering college in the fall so I wanted a way to generate a little extra income,” Scott said. "So it went from kind of like a college fund raiser to what we have here."

And what they have here is pretty sweet! Treats baked with vodka, and, bourbon ... and even cognac. Oh my!

"You are guaranteed a buzz every time,” Scott said. "Its 2 ounces of fun, so it's not gonna hurt anyone."

These pastries are sure to get any party started. So, it goes without saying, Scott is no stranger to entertaining.

Chew on This, Scott used to be a stand- up comedian, and this comic-turned-cake-baker is serving up her shots and her punchlines straight-up.

"What I'm finding is, my experience with doing stand-up comedy is helping me sell my cakes,” Scott said. “Personality goes a long way. It's hard to get skinny women to come to your table when it's filled with cakes."

All jokes aside, if you're not a huge fan of booze, don't feel like you have to miss out on a good thing.

"We also have are mini shots for those people who are Christian on Sundays,” Scott said. "This is just like one and a half ounces full of fun."

Scott even has cake bites.

Here's the kicker, Cake with a Kick doesn't have a store front yet, but you can order these treats online, or pick them up at Elixir Kitchen Space in Fort Worth.

Remember, whenever you get your cake shots, keep it classy – and use a spoon!