AZ Police Question Person of Interest in Highway Shootings

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(CNN) Police are questioning a man they call a person of interest in the freeway shootings in Phoenix.

Officers swarmed a convenience store near Interstate 10, detained 19-year-old Oscar De la Torre Munoz and seized his SUV Friday.

Investigators were questioning De la Torre Munoz “about a number of things” besides the freeway shootings.

But authorities wouldn’t say what those other things are. shooter 2

De la Torre Munoz was later booked into jail for possession of marijuana. Authorities said De la Torre Munoz’s SUV was being examined for any evidence that might connect it to the freeway shootings.

There are 11 confirmed shootings on the city’s freeways in the last two weeks.

So far, only one person, a 13-year old girl, has been injured.