Class Act: Northwest Junior Bakes for Backpacks

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JUSTIN, TX — On and off the court, Hayleigh Hutyra is raising a racket when it comes to giving back to those around here, and that’s what makes her our Class Act of the Week.

Hayleigh is a junior at Northwest High where she’s the captain of the school’s tennis team.

“I’ve been playing for six or seven years. It’s always been a big part of my life,” said Hayleigh. “I spend most of my summers playing tennis, it’s basically my whole life and I love it!”

Well, Hayleigh isn’t just serving it up on the court. She also serves baked goods to go towards a great cause she cooked up all on her own.

“It’s called Baking for Backpacks. I started it the summer before I went into 5th grade. After volunteering with my 4H group to stuff backpacks at the school supply drive, I learned that they were like 400 backpacks short, and that was just insane to me.” she explained.

“I didn’t know how that was even possible that there were going to be 400 kids that didn’t have the stuff they needed, so I bake cookies and cakes and other stuff for donations of ten dollars and I use money to buy backpacks that I donate to the school."

Talk about a tasty solution to a big problem! Hayleigh’s attitude and drive stand out to everyone around here.

“I’m super proud of Hayleigh. She’s just an amazing young lady, I’m blown away,” said AP History teacher Jeanette Jones. “We have a culture at this school of trying to give back. It is something I definitely encourage in my classroom and she meet and exceeds that standard, and I’m thrilled to have her as a student.”

“She keeps busy, there’s never a dull moment,” her mom Wendy Hutyra said. “Many early mornings, many late nights, she works hard on the weekends. We all keep busy, she keeps us going.”

Yep! And she keeps going with one simple life motto: “The best gifts in life are the one’s that you give.”

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