Backing the Blue: DPD Families Ask For Officer Protection

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DALLAS-The numbers are staggering. The FBI reports 24 cops have been killed in the line of duty this year alone.

And recent shootings still pepper the headlines, including Harris County Sheriff's deputy Darren Goforth. He was gunned down while pumping gas two weeks ago in Houston.

Now, family members of Dallas police officers are making the call for more protection to ensure tragedy doesn't strike close to their home.

"We're concerned by the recent surge in attacks on police officers across our country in the past few weeks; at least eight officers have been murdered," said one concerned wife.

Even children came armed with a plea to protect their dads.

"My dad is still a hero and he is dedicated to Dallas. It’s time for City Hall to show the same dedication to officers who risk their lives," said one young girl.

Mayor Mike Rawlings has vowed to protect our boys in blue, starting with bullet proof glass at DPD headquarters. The job was recently completed after James Boulware shot out the windows back in June.

Chief Brown also wants to ensure his force is protected. Soon, badges won't be the only thing cops will wear on their uniforms.

The chief just added over 200 body cams to the department's arsenal.

Let's hope these malicious attacks on officers come to an end, so they can keep the focus on protecting our city.