Bucks for the Band: Texas Schools Now Charging Each Other’s Bands

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AUSTIN -- It looks like the battle of the bands has been taken up another notch. Or should we say, the charging of the bands? The Texas Tech athletic department claims the University of Texas is charging its band, known as the Goin' Band, $100 a person to sit in the stands at the Thanksgiving game in Austin.

It’s a price Tech says would cost the program a total of $60,000. Forget passing the gravy, are the Longhorns asking the Red Raider's to pass the plate?

The practice of charging out of state bands in the Big 12 isn't new, but until this season, Tech says there's been a gentlemen's agreement between Texas colleges that they wouldn't charge each other. That all changed at a meeting in July, and it turns out Texas Tech will be charging the UT band when it plays in Lubbock as well.

Whatever it costs, it likely won’t be a big deal for UT. A recent study by Texas athletics says their home games contribute more than $60 million per game to the Austin economy.

Too bad all that money can't buy the Longhorns a touchdown so far this season. Either way, this beef should set us up for one feast of a game on Turkey Day.

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