2016 Guinness World Records Announced

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Sprint over, Usain Bolt. There’s a new celebrity runner breaking records.

And like his human equivalent, Bertie’s achievement as the speediest tortoise has earned him a spot in the Guinness World Records.

Bertie smashed a decades-old record, earning a spot in the book as the fastest mover among his species.

“To be in the book is a dream come true, a massive achievement,” said Marco Calzini, Bertie’s proud owner.

Both Bertie and the tortoise he replaced in the record book, Charlie, live in the United Kingdom.

During his run, Bertie reached a speed of 0.6 miles per hour, smashing Charlie’s previous record that has been unchallenged since 1977, the Guinness World Records said.

Bertie’s epic accomplishment occurred at his home in Adventure Valley, a family park in Durham, UK.

As he basks in his new fame, Bertie spends his days noshing on strawberries with his lady love, Shelly. His Guinness World Records certificate hangs in a wall in his enclosure.

Bertie is not the first animal to win bragging rights in next year’s edition of the book.

California resident Franchesca has the longest fur on a rabbit — measuring nearly 37 centimeters or 14 inches. That’s longer than a Subway sandwich.

Then there’s Purin, a pup who catches the most balls in a minute with her paws.

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