Craig Ferguson and Celebs Sing & Dance to The Name Game

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Craig Ferguson Clue

The clue: Craig Ferguson. (HINT: He hosts this show and he’s standing right next to you.)

It all started when a Celebrity Name Game contestant had to name the host of the TV game she was playing — while he (Craig Ferguson) was standing right there — and she couldn’t do it!  #Awkward


Craig Ferguson reacts to being… forgotten.

“It left me! It just went away!” the embarrassed contestant said.

CNG Guest

This contestant is sooo embarrassed when she can’t remember the host’s name!

What to do?

Craig Ferguson CNG

Craig Ferguson doesn’t know what to think when a contestant can’t remember his name.

If you’re Craig Ferguson, you take the lesson in humility and make another game out of it — and you bring in a star-studded cast of celebrity good sports to help out!

And that, friends, is how this Celebrity Name Game music video came about!

Sure, The Name Game is fun! And it’s easy if your name is Craig (Ferguson) or David (Arquette) or Al (Yankovic) or Ross (Mathews).

Four Name Game

Craig Ferguson, David Arquette, Al Yankovic, and Ross Mathews slay The Name Game!

But what if your name is Vivica?


Vivica A. Fox isn’t challenged as much by her name as she is the lack of playback.

or Virginia?


Virginia Madsen gives it her best shot! But Virginia is not the easiest name for this game.

And really, we would think the name Terrell (Owens) wouldn’t be such a challenge. (Really, though, he does great.)


Of course Terrell Owens has backup dancers!

But NO ONE comes closer to Craig Ferguson in nailing the actual lyrics than David Alan Grier — uh, except for the “Shake that @$$!” ad-lib he throws in there.

David Alan Grier Shake That

David Alan Grier has some special instructions for this game. Involves shaking…

We don’t even care that Lisa Kudrow and Courteney Cox tell Craig Ferguson, “No, no” and “I don’t want to” when he explains their parts in the video: dancing.

Name Game No

Lisa Kudrow and Courteney Cox pass on the offer to dance in the video.

Because then they do! #Awesome

Phoebe Monica Dance

But then they change their minds!

Watch for yourself!